All the Crap that Stops Mattering

Published on by Matthew Mewhorter.

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Having Cancer is the greatest and crappiest thing to ever happen to you. Crappy, because you're severely sick and are now faced the possibility of early death.

But it's great, because all of the things you thought were so damned important...just aren;'t that important at all. At least not as important as you once thought. You come to find that fear and worry and depression and hatred will outlive us all. When I am dead and gone, whether it be by cancer or otherwise, there will still be lots of things to fret and worry about. 

In my latest comic, Owlet at the End of the World, I added a bunch of things that people are fretting about today. And they are very important to a lot of people. In fact, I imagine that many reading this will feel like I am trivializing matters that are indeed important. 

And don't get me wrong, the things brought up should be discussed; but when you have cancer, it doesn't scare and worry you near as much. It fact, I wonder if I come as uncaring or too casual at times. While some people may get angered by what I included as "noise", I know many of you who have cancer, survived cancer, or faced a life-threatening illness or escaped death in some miraculous way know this: that what REALLY matters at the end of the day is being with those you love. 

One of the first things my oncologist asked me when I was diagnosed was how healthy my marriage was. No joke. He immediately wanted to know what kind of love and support I received. Luckily, I have the greatest wife and child a guy could ask for. But unfortunately, my doctor told me that too many of his patients face cancer alone. Many have their spouses and family members leave them after diagnosis. I wonder how many of those people, prior to having cancer, spent their lives chasing material things or holding onto grudges or winning a stupid argument. How important are those things now?

So many cancer survivors told me that getting cancer saved their lives, because now they see through the crap and focus on what really, truly matters.

So take it from me, so you don't have to get cancer to truly live your life. Enjoy it! Go love someone!