Patient Stories: Colette on how Cancer Can Heal Your Life...

Published on by Matthew Mewhorter.

I really wanted to share Colette's story as she wrote it:

Cancer can heal your life if you let it. It will bring you to the depths of your being and test you to see if you really want to be here on this earth. If you decide stay (and there is always a choice) then that comes with a responsibility. A responsibility to take your health into your hands and responsibility to share with the world how you did it. You will feel the extreme highs and lows of every single emotion possible. You will have to face grief for all that cancer changes in you but you can also feel such joy at being alive. Life becomes so precious and every single moment feels worthy of exquisite poetry. You will suddenly notice the birds circling in the sky at sunset or the little robin that appears each morning. You will never take anything for granted again. And then there is the LOVE. When diagnosed with cancer, you get to experience something that normally only happens once one has died, at their funeral. You get to see how much you are loved. By those around you who will literally do anything to make you smile. And you will become an observer in how your diagnosis changes the lives of these loved ones. This has certainly been my experience. I can feel this love in the dark of the night when I'm scared and I can feel it with each more confident step I take without the zimmer. It floats around me in the air in a pink swirl and helps me breath when the fluid on my lungs gets too bad. It soothes me when I have to have my withered breast photographed and held my shaking arm when the stupid nurse hit a nerve in my shoulder while fitting my pic line. It cheered me on as I shouted at all the oncologists, doctors and nurses and banned them from my room so I could meditate. And it held my heart so very very gently as I prayed it was healthy.