The Cancer Comic You Need to Know Exists (and it's for sale)!

Published on by Matthew Mewhorter.

I'm thrilled to tell you that Cancer Owl isn't the only comic addressing the unique experience that is being diagnosed with cancer. And this particular comic, Perry Winkle, is the comic you need to know is out there.  While Cancer Owl pulls more from humorous webcomic inspiration, Perry Winkle is a straight-up comic book, and a beautiful one at that.  

Perry Winkle was created by English artist and Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor, Susie Gander.  Like me, she created her comic in the middle of treatment as a way to cope with her experience.  She's used her comic and artistic skills to run several cancer-based charities. She's a stand-up human being and her can-do spirit is completely reflected through her comic character.

Perry Winkle is an inspired take on her own true-life story.  In the comic, she is diagnosed with cancer, and in the middle of devastation is visited by a tough, beautiful, vivacious and bald superhero named Perry Winkle who's determined to give cancer the ass-kicking it deserves.   She is, obviously, the hero that lives inside Susie-inside all of us-that faces life's most notorious monsters with courage and gusto.  

What I love about Perry Winkle is that besides being a fantastic cancer ass-kicker, she's fun, sexy and positive. And of course it goes without saying that the artwork is stunning, exciting and fun. When you're diagnosed with cancer, especially at a young age, you're left with the choice of how you wish to approach it.  Susie Gander invites you to consider that there is a hero inside of you to remind you of what you're made of in the darkest of times...and you're made of more than what you think. 

And it's for sale!

The comic book is, unfortunately, not currently available in print in the United States. If you don't live in the UK, like me, the comic will be available for download this Saturday, October 14th by clicking here! Also I highly encourage you to "like" Perry Winkle on her facebook page.  I'm so glad this comic exists.  Please consider purchasing this work and supporting Susie in continuing to do great things in the cancer world.