The Owl Flew A Lot in 2017!

Published on by Matthew Mewhorter.

There's a lot going around the 'net about how terrible 2017 has been. And while that's certainly true for some, it's been particularly great for Cancer Owl.

I said in January of this year that 2017 was going to become "a public year" for the comic, and this had turned out to be true. 

Here's a short recap:

In March this year, I was invited by the medical team at the University of Virginia's town hall to share my story and comic. I was since told that my presentation had a significant impact on the patient care experience at the hospital. Here's a photo of me doing my thang:

The next month, in April, I was invited to give a similar presentation at Stanford University in Silicon Valley for their annual Medicine X Conference! I got to chill with doctors from the likes of Stanford, Harvard, etc. I was a tiny fish in a huge pond, but it was an honor to be included.

And around this time, my comics were getting a lot of coverage on the internet.

1) Like being on the front page of Reddit several times. Here's one example.

2) Or "Most Viral" on Imgur...

3) Check out my front page feature on Bored Panda.

4) And feature on Huffington Post

5) And front page feature on The Mighty.

Then in July, I joined The Colon Club as a 2018 model for On The Rise Magazine! All expenses paid, I was flown to Tennessee to join 11 other cancer surviving badass models for a week on a high class resort that I'll never forget. The photos will release soon, but here's us:


And that sounds like enough, doesn't it? Well my year was totally topped off when I received my first award for my comic! Cancer Owl was the proud recipient of the Inspiration and Impact Scopy Award from the American College of Gastroenterology. I received this award along with my care team at UVA! After the ceremony, I got to join a fantastic conversation on Sirius XM's Dr. Radio program!


So yeah, it's been a great year to be sure, and I welcome 2018 for new opportunities and possibilities for this little owl comic I made. 

I'll fill you in soon on where this Owl is flying next!