My Friend Linda on How She Used Humor in the Thick of Cancer Treatment

Published on by Matthew Mewhorter.

This is my friend, Linda.  She's been a devoted reader and encourager of me for almost the entire duration of Cancer Owl. I can almost always count on a great thought or comment from her whenever I post something new.  Linda also has a great perspective on life about dealing with a challenge like cancer.

And it's my pleasure to share this brief but funny story that she submitted to me awhile back!

The last radiation series I had last April landed me in the hospital for 6 days. So all docs, techs, nurses, phlebotomists, pharmacy personnel, radiologist tech etc., have become a very close family to me. I have a great rapport with my radiologist techs and call them The **MES ~~Mike, Emily, Suzanne and the "T" in they is Tammy who now works behind the scenes.

Many times I get Mike for my prepper and all four of these wonderful medical staffers are all very professional in their work and concerns for their patients. Radiation requires always minimal changes~~in the dressing room, prior to the radiation room you remove your jacket or coat if it is cool weather, your top & bra and put on a gown opened down the front. And then in the radiation room for my routine was take off your glasses, your shoes, take off your wig if you are donning one at that time.

One time when I got Mike for radiation in the hip & pelvis area for breast cancer in the bone, I gowned up as they have to use markings they tattoo on your body to line you up. I took off glasses, shoes, sweater, and then got to hop up on the lowered table, and lie down. Then they have to shuffle you up & down ~ left and right to get you aligned just right. Once on the table, to view the area to be radiated and because I was being radiated in the hips & pelvis, the pants come down to your knees. Once set up, he steps outside to start my radiation which doesn't take too long. The arm of the big machine radiates from the top and then swings underneath to complete my radiation ~ less than 5 - 8 minutes. Mike stepped back in to lower the table so I can safely get down, looked at me and said, "I'm all done with you now~ you can pull you pants back up! I looked at him almost laughing and asked him, "Are you sure you are done with me Mike?" His face turned beet red from the top of his head all the way down to his neck ~ We both laughed as to what he had said and I reminded him of how important humor is during cancer. 

**I am sure names cannot be used, but I like that I call them "The MES." They are like family!